Relatos de auxiliares 4: A letter from a language assistant in Estepa
3 febrero, 2017 por Francisco Jesús Ponce Capitán

Alexandra Rayo, auxiliar de Conversación, en el IES Ostippo de Estepa cuenta su experiencia en esta carta que no puede terminar mejor.  Disfrutad leyéndola:

Alex 5My time at IES Ostippo in Estepa has been a positive experience thus far. It’s my first time in a small Andalusian town, and it’s definitely been interesting! Each day starts off with me hiking up a steep mountainside, passing through the small pueblo of white houses, and feeling the brisk breeze through my many layers. Once I arrive at work I’m usually greeted by both students and coworkers alike with a friendly, “Good morning, teacher!” And so begins my day.

I enter in geography and history, biology, math, philosophy, physical education, and English classes. I have students from 1 ESO to 1 Bachillerato. I see each class at least once a week, if not more. I plan most of my hour-long lessons based on what subject is being covered in class each day. In P.E. I assist the teacher by giving the day’s instructions in English. But I also make sure to participate in the sports activities with the students. I can’t say I’m the best athlete, but my volleyball serve has definitely improved! And I’m looking forward to field trips to the gym and the Sierra Nevada in Granada in the next few days, as well.Alex 2

Working with my students is what keeps me motivated. And although life doesn’t vary much day-to-day inEstepa, the kids make each day lively and fun! Their enthusiasm is infectious. And it never fails to put a smile on my face. So if I can impress upon them the importance of learning a new language in a world of seven billion people, then I’ll have made some small achievement.

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