Geography and History


Web Sites to work with:

  • MAPS:
  1. Map machine. You can zoom in and out and use the different theme maps (physical, satellite, hybrid…
  2. Map machines. Zoom in and out and use the different theme maps (physical, satellite, hybrid…)
  3. Google Earth.(For using Google Earth first you have to download the software. It is free)
  4. Printable Maps
  5. Geo names Entering any location you get its satellite map and links related information.
  1. Structure of the Earth.(plate tectonics, Pacific Ring of Fire, Fold mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. Including online activities)
  2. Volcanoes and earthquakes
  3. Build the different types of volcanoes and watch them erupt
  4. Volcanoes and earthquakes2
  • WATER:
  1. Water cycle and rivers: From Source to Mouth, river basins, erosion and flooding. It includes case studies and online activities.
  2. All about Seas and Oceans with printable blank maps and other activites
  3. Good and brief flash on the Water Cycle
  4. View lesson 7 – Water Cycle
  5. Interactive Water activity
  6. Water cycle. (By the United States Environmental Protection Agency)
  7. Coasts: waves, erosion landforms, coastal depositions and marshes. It includes online activities.
  1. Weather and Climate. Climate change
  2. Links and activities (by The United States Environmental Protection Agency)
  3. Weather and climate: World climate zones, rain, rainfall types, atmospheric pressure and weather hazards. It includes online activities
  4. Greenhouse effect by the BBC
  5. Global warming.
  6. How can we contribute to minimize the global warming (Click on the different parts of the cross-section of the house)
  1. Ecosystems: Tropical rainforest, Taiga, Savannah, Desert and Tundra. It includes online activities for each one.
  2. Biomes.
  3. Biomes2
  4. Tropical Rainforests.
  5. Tropical Rainforests2
  6. Tropical rainforest. Video
  1. Maps of each continent (bodies of water, capital cities, landforms, outline, time zones…) Including useful links.
  2. Continents.
  3. Continents2. It includes games and online activities
  4. Continents and countries.
  1. The Physical World-Europe
  2. Europe. Resources for teachers
  3. Ocean L-Tutorial and then on Oceans G-Game
  4. Weather patterns over Europe.
  5. Information on Spanish current affairs, politics, history and culture. A site for English speaking pupils carrying out research on Spain.
  1. Becoming Human. Interactive Documentary.
  2. Atapuerca
  3. History of human evolution
  1. Ancient Civilizations: Religion, cities, Technology, Trade, Writing…(interactive activities)
  2. British Museum: It provides many resources that include 3D models, animations and objects from the British Museum.
  3. Galleries of images
  4. Egyptian mythology.
  5. Egyptian mythology2
  6. Egyptian mythology.(You Tube)
  7. Egyptian Civilization(by the BBC)
  1. Ancient Greece. BBC. Lots of good resources, online activities, cartoons…
  2. Olympic games
  3. Ancient Olympic games
  4. Greece and Rome. (British Museum. It includes a good bibliography)
  5. Greek Mythology. Cartoons.
  1. Rome. BBC. Lots of good resources, online activities, cartoons…
  2. Roman Empire
  3. The Roman army.