Festivities in Loja

In Loja there are a lot of popular festivities, which I am going to describe as follows:

In February, people in my town celebrate a festivity known as «La Candelaria». In it, a few days before it takes place, people look for sticks and put one on top of the others and on 2nd February they burn them and after that they have a barbecue, on this day it is typical to eat a bread thread.
Another festivity is Easter which is very popular in Loja because there a lot of processions and there are some things that make it special.
The most popular days are:
Holy Wednesday. On this day there is a procession that lasts for about twelve hours. This procession goes up to the mountain because there, there was a Christ image in a church before the war and in the times of war it collapsed, so now the image of Christ is in another church.
Holy Thursday, which has a very popular procession too, in this at midnight they switch off all the lights of the streets through which the procession will go.
Good Friday, which is a big day in Loja because there is a procession all day, the most special moment is when the procession finishes, before the Saints enter the church they make a line in the street of the church and people who carry the Saints run along the street to the church. This event is known as «La Carrerilla».
A very popular figure in Loja is «Los Incensarios», it is a group of eight people who sing saetas in front of the Saints and they sing in different places during the journey. They burn incense through the streets.
On 25th April, in Loja we celebrate a festivity known as «San Marcos» (Saint Mark), on this day people go to the countryside to eat lunch with their family and friends.
They have a barbecue and for dessert they eat a typical cake called «Hornazo», which is a cake with a hard-boiled egg in the middle of it and which is covered in sugar.
On 1st May, there is another festival known as «Romería». On this day people go to the same place in the countryside with their family and friends.
Most people to the countryside on a carriage and others go by car. Furthermore, there is a competition among all the carriages and the best carriage which wins is given a prize.
On this day people spend time eating and drinking. Another festivity is the first day of June, as there is a fair for four days, known as «Feria chica» because it lasts fewer days than the other.
In the last week of August there is another fair, this takes places for six days more or less, in this there is a fair at midday and at night.
This fair is in honour of the patron saint of my town «Virgen de la Caridad». On the last day of the fair there is a procession and when it finishes there are fireworks, which means it is the end of the fair.
Raquel Pareja Sánchez de 3ºB

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