Cerro Colorado, by Rocío Jiménez

Cerro Colorado, Villanueva Mesía.
One of the oldest natural spaces of Villanueva Mesía is the Cerro Colorado or “Cerro Colorao” as the people of the town call it.
This small hill of hardly 8 or 9 meters is the top of a meteorite. Its ground is red because of its high iron concentration.
In its top there are three big holm oaks that together are more than a century of age. Sometimes, in its shade you can see squirrels, rabbits and people looking for some tranquility while enjoying one of the most paronamic views of the town.
From its top you can see the River Genil, the poplar grove and the pine forests that hide the old dam.
In my opinion, it is the best place to escape from routine and read a good book.