Loja, by Gema Piqueras

Loja is a quite big and beautiful city in the South East of Granada. There are a lot of slopes, but it is quite lovely.  
People are very nice and helpful with foreigners. They show them the city , squares, parks, restaurants, hotels, etc. Foreigners like eating good food in Loja: croquettes, potato omelette, serrano ham and olive oil. They drink beer and good wine. They buy boxes of  Loja rolls, which are really delicious. 

Shops in Loja are very interesting. Clothes are cheap; however, they are high quality. There are a lot of supermarkets, butcher´s and greengrocer´s.  

There are a lot of springs and fountains in Loja: for example, El Pilar, The 25 Pipes, Cold River, The Frontil, The Hades, etc. There are two factories of bottling water in Loja: their names are Fontarel y Font Natura. Their water comes from two springs called  El Pilar and The Dam respectively. 

La Alcazaba is an important and beautiful monument in this city, because it represents the history of Loja. 
The House, Gardens and the Mausoleum of Narvaez, duke of Valencia. There are  19th Century monuments, and the House of Narvaez is the council of Loja nowadays. 
Other important monuments are the Church of La Encarnacion and the Church of Saint Gabriel, whose façade is considered national monument because Diego de Siloe made  it. 

People of/ from Loja love arts and music. There are some Arts Academies. The Popular University is an important Arts and Music School.  
The Conservatory is very important in Loja. People like music very much and they sign up their children to learn it. There are some concerts at the Imperial Theatre. 

The Official Language School is very interesting. I go there two days a week, on Monday and Wednesday. Learning foreign languages helps you to improve your life. 
There are social advantages because you make new friends and traveling is funnier. 
On the other hand, teachers are very creative and lovely. They teach foreign languages very well. They love their job. 

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