B1 Writing – Bearded vultures and me


Bearded Vulture is the name of the most famous cyclist race in Spain for non-professional cyclists. I´m not well-built or attractive, but thanks to the fact that I´m medium-height and thin, I have low weight. This helps me to ride my bike fast. I´m hard-working and I train hard every week. Cycling has taught me to have a healthy lifestyle and love the environment.
A few years ago, while I was training in the mountains, I knew about the really important bearded vulture. I saw a woman carrying a very big bird. I´m very curious, so I stopped my bike and the woman explained the rescue project for birds in risk of extinction. She asked me about doing voluntary work. The natural resources we´re losing now never ever will come back. For that reason, I accepted.
Helping makes me feel very well with myself. Happiness is doing the things you like, also if you are useful for people and the environment it’s much better.
Juan Manuel Campos Campos 3ºC

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