B1 – Writing – An Informal Email Describing People

Subject: A sunny weekend in Alicante!
Hi Ignacio,
What’s up? How are things back to Germany?   I suppose you has begun to work and work… But keep calm and enjoy your beer, especially there !
I hope Christmas comes soon, so we can meet you again and go out here, in Granada, or in Cologne. By the way, how long have you lived there? I`ve forgotten it… J
As I told you, Asun and me are planning a little trip for next Christmas and why not going to Cologne to see you? It´s not completely sure, but if there isn’t any  problem and you stay on your holidays there we could spend some days with you. And then you’ll stop saying: “When are you coming to Cologne? I live in Europe, not in Australia!!

What’s the weather like in Germany this October? Last weekend, I remembered you. Look at the photo I’ve sent you. We’re in Alicante, around the surprising castle of Villena, with my aunt and my uncle, having a fantastic sunny day at the end of October!! It happens only in Spain!!
You have spoken anytime about them, haven’t  you? My aunt Mónica, on the left of Asun, is my mum’s youngest sister. She’s in her early-fifties, but she looks like she’s in her thirties. She’s as bright as generous… I really love her, but no more than my uncle loves her! He’s the dark man beside me. A very kind person too!! He was born in Alicante and met my aunt in one of his holidays here. They have lived there for almost 30 years. They’re self-employees… I think I told you something about their factory of green cleaning products. In my opinion, they’re the perfect example of enterprising hard-working people… With two teens at home too!!
Anyway, text me when you know more about your Christmas holidays. I’ll try phone you next time. Give kisses to Claudia.
Lots of love from Asun (she’s so funny in the picture, isn’t she?) and me,

Juan de Dios Yedra Castro – CAL 3: EOI LOJA

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