B2.2 – Writing: An Opinion Essay

People should be forced to travel by bicycle rather than by car for all short journeys. This issue should be regulated by law in each city or even country where traffic problems are really serious. Some measures should be taken to improve or even solve this problem. Educationally, teachers could highlight how important is using different ways of public transports to take care of the environment and exalt how good is doing a bit of physical exercise, at least for a short distance.

From my point of view, for most of us, using cars even for shorts journeys is really comfortable. First and foremost because we do not stop and think about traffic problems, even the level of contamination is increasing in a very worrisome way, which could be really dangerous for our health and this is only because we only look for our own amenity, which could be due to a lacking consciousness about this problem. Personally I think that a way to get people use bicycles or even go on foot for short journeys can be installing cameras in a certain area of the city to control the movements of cars in this area. If they do not respect the specific laws in order to get this goal, drivers can be penalized.

Some people love travelling by car because they think it is the most independent way of travelling. Another group of citizens, the rich, can evaluate that walking for short journeys could be stingy or a discredit but there is no evidence to support it. I would like to mention people that are always protesting about the traffic problems although they do not do anything to remedy them.

To sum up, we could get people use bicycles for short distances hardening laws or even fines. Informing citizens about optional ways of transportation through different mass media or reinforcing consciousness from schools among other measures.


Desireé Montero Sánchez. Grupo: 5º CAL bis

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