B2.2 – Writing: An opinion essay.

The role of women in society has changed throughout history. In the old days it was considered that women were the property of men, making them totally dependent on a man in order to survive.
The Second World War produced a new industrial revolution in women. The workplace was occupied by women and due to these circumstances their new role in the factories was socially accepted. Next, women began to join university education and to participate with their work in several specific areas. In Europe and part of America, the feminist movement which fought for women´s equality and their liberation began and ideas such as the female vote and the entrance of women to education.
The participation of women in economic life is a process of great personal and professional demand, because they have to deal with responsibility at home, children and a huge list of functions.

At present, women have full importance, invade universities and take place with men in all areas of society, in positions of hierarchy, as well as in scientific research and medicine, the high political positions and in culture.
In conclusion, equality between women and men have all the human rights and all conditions to get the development and reduction of poverty.

Laura María Martín García. Grupo: 5º CAL bis. 

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