B2.1 – Writing: Opinion Essay

Most high level jobs are done by men. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women?
Nowadays, it is true that most high level jobs are done by men, even in companies where most workers are women. I agree up to a point that the government should encourage women to do these kinds of jobs but not to reserve the positions for them. What is more, I think that it is the government the one which should encourage companies to hire more women for high positions.
In my opinion, the own companies should offer the opportunity to both, men and women, to get a promotion in high levels jobs or even offer directly this kind of tasks. Both of them should access without paying attention to their sex. Just in those jobs that depend directly on the government, such as public service positions,they should be responsible for ensuring that those positions are taken in the same amount by women and men.
My main reason is that nowadays, men and women are able to have the same qualifications and skills to get this kind of jobs, both of them are able to get ahead, therefore, they also should have the same salary. It is widely known that men and women performing the same job have different salaries; however, this is not usual in the public sector.
From my point of view, I think that managers of companies can think that women will need to reduce their working hours. Also, it is thought that women are able to have a biggest absenteeism rate because of their family or maybe because they will turn the job down whereas men are going to have more availability.
To sum up, I think that women and men must have the same opportunities under the same conditions to get high rank jobs and is the government who must offer this tasks to women in public services positions. Also companies are responsible for doing it in the  same way.


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