A2 – Writing: A Biography

My hero’s biography

He was born in 1946 on top of the mountain in the south of Spain. He lived in a small house with his parents, four brothers and five sisters. They weren’t rich — actually, they were really poor because the Civil War had finished a few years before. They didn’t have a TV, a car or electricity. Sometimes they couldn’t eat because they didn’t have enough food. However they were happy because they lived together.
He married the most beautiful bride when he was 21. They didn’t have a honeymoon trip because the day after they went to work abroad. They lived in Germany for five years, then they returned to Spain although not to the south. They went to Barcelona. He was a truck driver and she was a dress-maker. They’ve been a hard-working couple. They had a baby in 1984.
Nowadays they live in Huetor Tajar, and they’re retired but they still work on their fields. They plant tomatoes, asparagus, potatoes, etc.
Thanks dad for teaching me. I hope that one day I’ll be as polite, hard-working and kind as you.
Pedro Castro Pedregosa – 2º C

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