A2 – Writing: A Biography

My brother Francisco’s biography

Francisco is the oldest of all my brothers and sisters. He was born in Loja in 1975. He lived in Ventorros de Balerma with all my family until he was a young man. He studied accounting at university. When he was a teenager he studied in winter, and in summer he worked in a restaurant. He hasn’t worked as an accountant yet because he loves his work as a waiter.
In 1995, when he was twenty years old, he went to work in Barcelona. He began to work as a waiter in a restaurant. He’s a hard-working person and he’s worked in a hotel as a maître d’ since he was twenty-five years old.
He’s been married to a fantastic woman for nineteen years and they have a child. They come back to Loja every Christmas and we visit them some years. He works hard and now he’s studying Russian because he likes languages. Although he lives far from his family, I think he has a good life.
Rogelia González Delgado – 2º C

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