In a twinkle

It was a warm and quiet summer night, and a group of lifelong friends were comfortably sitting in their armchairs, having some alcoholic drinks on the spacious terrace of a busy bar when Peter yelled excitedly at the rest of his mates for not having ever arranged to go on holiday abroad all together.

They used to think through where to travel and what famous and popular places to go sightseeing, but that unexpected night, on the spur of the moment, they made a snap decision that would change their lives forever; go to the exotic and heavenly Caribbean islands. – Done!- Peter whispered.
None of them had ever been there before, so they were as happy as Larry and their throats as dry as a bone. For this reason, they raised their glasses in a toast to celebrate it.
The following day, almost all of them had decided to book a package holiday with a well-known travel agency, but two of them that had been hesitating until the last minute, but in the end they did it. The travel agent told them that they had to pay the total amount in advance if they were into it and they agreed.
– The longed-for day had arrived, at last! – Peter shouted with joy. Their travelling friends were going to pack their suitcases, but finally they didn’t do it because Peter got some bad news from the police; they had been cheated by a gang of thieves and all their money had vanished into nothing.
It had been the most surprising thing that had ever happened to them, and probably ever would.
José Luis Ruiz Arroyo – 5ºB

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