“In the future we won’t need teachers — we’ll all be able to study on line …» (3)


If you ask me, I would along with the idea that students have many possibilities to attain their goals by themselves by only using the internet because this resource offers them the opportunity to learn in different ways so they just have to take the ones which will be the most appropriate for their capabilities.
However, you are missing the point that teachers are extremely useful for our society. As far as I’m concerned, teachers are able to adapt the subject to the students’ peculiarities. Also, they make education far more personal and individual by resolving your doubts instantly. Teachers have made an incredible effort to achieve the place where they are nowadays. What would we do without them?
To summarise, it is simply true that the internet is bringing education closer to the citizens. Nevertheless, it can never replace teachers.
Marina Castellano – C1.1


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