Information for language assistants


SCHOOL DATA – School name: C.E.PR Rafael Aldehuela

– Full address: Rafael Aldehuela Street, 14 Alcaudete 23660 (Jaén)

– Telephone number: 953 3666 01

– Email:

– Location link on Google Maps:

Contact of the reference person(s) – Email of a member of the management team:

– Email of the teacher coordinating the program:

Education level Primary Education. Students from 6-11 years old.


Collaboration subjects/modules of the Language Assistant


Natural Science and Social Studies
Information about the town and/or neighborhood



Language assistants usually stay in Jaen city because they have more possibilities to find leisure, reading clubs, cinema clubs, language exchange, council/district courses, sports clubs, hiking trails, nature, culture, gastronomy…and it´s easier to share an apartment, car…The most of Language assistants of other provinces are there, so they can meet and help each other.


Getting to school – Public transport schedules:

– Possibility of car-pooling with other teachers:  The Language Assistant can contact  other teachers who come from the city.




– Where to live in town?



– Possibility of staying with a family?





– Possibility of sharing a flat with teachers?




– We need to ask every year the possibility to welcome the assistant into a family in convenient conditions for both the assistant and the family. This aspect is not sure.




– Contact of teachers interested in sharing a flat. We have to check at the beginning of the year.


Contact with other Language Assistants – Emmett Martín, Edward Charles: +447963180621


Previous Experiences with Language Assistants




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