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Hair Removal

Tria Laser Hair Removal for Your Home

For years, hair removal has really been a pain.

For some women, it’s really bad. Having to shave their armpits, legs, and other areas on a weekly basis can get annoying. But we have to face the facts, shaving is really just part of our daily lives. It’s in our culture and something that won’t go away fast. Unfortunately you won’t be around by the time we evolve out of unwanted hair growth… actually that will never happen as body hair is important, but for this day an age it’s more annoying that useful.

But the days of shaving can actually be replaced if you so choose. They can be replaced by the Tria laser hair removal at home system.

Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal:

-Better results (maybe)
-Cost effective over time
-Less painful than other methods
-Easy to “use”

Let first get the less painful point covered. Laser is less pain than a few other alternatives like waxing and shaving (when you cut yourself), but it’s not less painful or easier to do when compared to body hair removal creams. So consider researching the best cream for unwanted body hair as well as researching the Tria product.

Let’s talk costs now. Creams are not permanent, while laser can be more permanent. Creams don’t last and need to be replaced. Only thing that needs to be replaced is the batter on the Tria unit. And this goes for shaving blades, gels, and even clinic visits.

When you do a detailed analysis, the Tria laser hair system is much more cost effective over time. Sure you’re paying a lot up front, but most women do point out that over a year’s time they do see a good amount of savings.

Results are a bit hard to discuss as there’s no set answer. It’s not black and white when it comes to results. This seems to be the case with these products as everyone hair type and skin type is different. If you have thick dark hair, you will see different results compared to a light haired person.

Overall however, the reviews on the Tria products is really quite good.

Before you make a decision, it’s always best to get even more useful info. You can find a great resources for removing body hair at