Resultado de imagen para speaking When we need to prepare and deliver a monologue, we don´t sometimes know how to proceed. Why don´t we listen to other people delivering monologues to have a clear idea of what to do?

Here you are a link where you will be able to listen to a student delivering a B1 monologue about FOOD/EATING HABITS/MEALS

TASK: In order to take advantage of this resource, I would like to propose you the following activity. Listen to the monologue carefully and try to pay attention to the following aspects: appropiacy, performance time, use of connectors, coherence, grammar, vocabulary and any other aspect you consider to be important. Can you leave me comments on this student´s performance?

Please, try to collaborate as this activity can help you know what the board expects of you in a monologue.

I will give you more links with other performances so that you can have a wide variety of monologues in order to know what to do, what to improve, what to avoid, etc.

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  1. Pilar , dime si has recibido mi ejercicio, da error

  2. Achy dice:

    She starts to talk saying the topic she has chosen. Them she uses expressions about the topic as «healthy food» or «Stressful lifestyle». She uses quantifiers and connectors when she says that she doesn’t have time to do a long breakfast because she can’t get up early. From her point of view she doesn’t have enougth time. She uses differents verb tenses like «present» or at the end of her monologo she uses «present perfect». «My mother is the best chef I has have and I has known ever. she uses adverbs of time like «usually» or connector like «nowaday». She uses in her monologo «going to» and «genitivo Sajon».
    She makes three o four parts on her monologo. She sometime don’t speak in a short way. For instant, she doesn’t uses contraction when she is talking. She talks slow and she introduces short comments that it doesn’t have relation with the topic as when she says she is a lucky girl because her husband cooks for both every night and she doesn’t know when her husband says stop that is enought.
    I believe I don’y forget any.

  3. correo de prueba de codigo, da error.

  4. I´m going to write about this student´s performance.

    Regarding the vocabulary, from my point of view, she uses the appropiate of this topic, for example: healthy, diet, fast-food, vegetables….Apart from this, she has a good organisation of her ideas and a ggod coherence, although I believe she doesn´t use enough connectors. On the contrary, a good thing is tha she has a good fluency.

    With respect to he grammar,in my view, she uses very good the verbal tenses, for instance: I try to eat….However, she uses some basic grammar of second course .As well as, she uses some basic words as: I like, I don´t like, because…, instead of :I´m keen on, I´m not keen on, as or since….

    Finally, the pronunciacion is good.

    To sum ip, this girl would pass If she did the exam.


  5. I have some writing mistakes in the activity of the monologue sample:

    Pronunciacion would be: pronunciation.
    Tha would be: that.
    he would be :the
    To sum ip woulb be: to sum up.
    Ggod would be: good.


  6. Achy dice:

    I was listening again the audio and I have tried to pay attention about pronuciation and I have found some mistakes.
    From my point of view she has coherence in her monologo as she talks about her habits and what kind of food does she like and dislike.

    • María del Pilar Zamora Lara dice:

      Good that you paid attention to pronunciation as good pronunciation is an important evaluation criterion in the oral exam together with appropriacy, cohesion and coherence, good grammar and vocabulary.

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