reading  Here you are another PUC reading test (Aragón)

Read the text and match the statements below (1 to 7) with one of the 8 paragraphs in the text (A to H). One statement DOES NOT correspond to any paragraphs and one paragraph DOES NOT  correspond to any statements. Statement 0 has been done as an example.

                                            THE PERFECT COTTAGE GUEST

Example. 0. Have a nice gesture.   paragraph C

1. Be ready to be on your own.
2. Compliment your hosts.
3. Don’t change your plans unexpectedly.
4. Help yourself.
5. Prevention is better than cure.
6. Respect your surroundings.
7. Skillful people are welcome.
A. Some cottages, like Sawatzky´s, are accessible by water only, meaning guests have to be picked up at a marina. If you say you’re going to appear at a certain time, be there; don´t leave your hosts waiting while you go for dinner or tour the town.
B. Rather than have your hosts rummage through their home for extra fleece jackets or make a trip to town for a particular brand of suntan lotion, be prepared for the weather, the bugs and the area you’re visiting. If you require special sunscreen or insect repellent bring it with you, and if the temperature tends to plummet at night, pack extra clothing.
C.  If you’re planning on staying for a meal or more, bring a dish like lasagna or goodies for the grill. In all probability your hosts will be able to accomodate it in the fridge or freezer and use it as an alternative. You may also think if there might be something they’re missing, like bottled water or fresh vegetables.
D. John Sawatzky and his wife, Irene, have a cabin. The couple invited good friends to join them there, but the conversation turned to how cottage life just wasn´t for their guests. «For them to come to our cottage and to tell us why they didn´t want a cottage….we didn´t invite them again for years.»
E. Your hosts probably go to their cottage to relax, so be a low-maintenance guest. «I don’t want to cater to people, it´s my weekend, too,» says Linda Wiseman, who owns a cottage. «Company has to take out food and drinks from the refrigerator when they want them, put their dishes in the dishwasher. If they’re here for a meal, they should help in the kitchen, before and after. »
F. If you’re looking for a vacation with maid service, go to a hotel, not a friend’s cottage. Clean up after pets, use coasters for drinks, keep tidy, and throw out garbage. Guests of Elda Repping tossed cigarette butts on the ground, which is not only a mess to clean but also a fire hazard in the middle of the woods. «I didn´t want to tell them to stop smoking, so I picked up the butts.»
G. If you’re a regular guest and your host has some projects on the go, roll up your sleeves and pitch in. «We had a guest who built us some new stairs, » says Caldwell. «The couple will definitely be invited back and we offer them the cottage for a week of their own.»
H. Don´t expect a planned itinerary for your trip. «We have friends who come to the cottage, but what they really want to do is vacation and sightsee, » says Sawatzky. If there’s something you’d like to do, go for it. Invite your hosts along, but don´t be offended if they turn your down; caring for a cottage is hard work and sometimes, fun excursions have to take a back seat to chopping firewood or waterproofing the deck.

Key answers: 1h, 2-, 3a, 4e, 5b, 6f, 7g

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