Hi guys,

Next week we need to start a new topic, relationships. This topic may involve:

-reading, listening, writing and speaking about how people relate to each other nowadays,  and about what we understand by friendship.

With respect to speaking, just to let you know that the speaking activities related to this topic in the PUC speaking exam have been the following ones:

-Prepare and deliver a monologue about friendship. Explain what makes a good friend and how you can tell someone is a good friend of yours.
-Speak about the best way to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you think it is possible to find the love of your life through a dating agency or the Internet? If you were looking for a partner, what would you try?

-Describe one of your closest friends in detail, how you met, what he/she does, how often you see each other nowadays and how you keep in touch with him/her. What makes a good friend?

As you can see there have been  a few  speaking cards about this topic. Consequently, we will work this topic quickly. 


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