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Watch the video.  What do you feel about what you have seen?  Are mobiles killing conversation?. Are they replacing  face-to-face communication? We will discuss your ideas in class.


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  1. Achy dice:

    Are mobiles killing conversation?. Are they replacing  face-to-face communication?. Let me say, yes, they are.

    To start with, Mobile phone, Smart phone and other devices like that are killing aspects of our daily routine such us a simple conversation between two people.

    As for this video, It shows us that we do not know live without a phone by our side. In fact, Technology has became an integral part in our lives. Besides, not several time ago we used to enjoy friend meetings telling between us our anecdotes, sharing news or simply giving our point of views about any topic.

    However, nowadays we do not to give a step if our mobil phone is not into the pocket or on our hand like we can watch in the video. In addition, I consider people belive if their mobil phone is over their hand they will feel safer.

    As I see it, I prefer to share emotions, moments, face to face rather than share them on Facebook or any other social networks. In my view, a pic uploading on social networks it wil not make us feel the same that if you are sharing these moments in live.

    To conclude, I agree we should learn to give an properly use to our phones. It is true them makes easier our life. We can find information, booking, making calls, sending e-mail and so on in a few seconds, but if we are not aware of tha fact that a bad use of technology can kill the good manners, we will lost that moral principles and ethical principles that we learnt in our childhood.

    • Achy dice:

      Spelling mistakes: Belive —-> BeliEve

      Last paragraph: … but if we are not aware of *tha fact that… —-> but if we are not aware of *thE fact that…

  2. María del Pilar Zamora Lara dice:

    Hi Achy,

    It was not necessary to write comments here as the entry says that we will discuss your ideas in class.

    Anyway, thanks for your collaboration!


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