Here you are a video  from YOUTUBE where you will be able to see a B1 student delivering a monologue.

I would like you to leave  comments about her performance.

Talk about the performance time, use of connectors, use of specific vocabulary, possible grammar and vocabulary mistakes, use of introduction/conclusion, etc. 

Please, collaborate! 



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  1. What I intend to de now is talking to you about this monologue.
    In the firs place, this girl hasn´t done well her introduction as I believe that she had said badly the subject.
    Regarding the time,in my view, it is too short.Moreover, to my mind she uses little connectors, for example» in addition» and » in fact».One good thing is that she make use of specific vocabulary, for instance: » hotel, holidays, map, monuments»
    As for the grammar, I consider that in the conditional sentence, she should said:» I will recommend»
    Apart from this, she should say at the beginning: «firstly» for example.
    Other bad things are that she has some vocabulary of second course: » cheaper, because, beautiful»
    To my mind, she had to be said: » I consider», » in my view»….
    A positive thing is that she has a lot of fluency.
    I consider that she should say » regarding», » as for», etc.
    Regarding the pronunciation, «comfortable» «experience» and «multicultural» are poorly spoken.
    In briek, from my point of view, she has some important mistakes.

  2. My mistakes :

    1.It should be «In brief»
    2.Comma after of » to my mind».
    4.In present simple:
    This girl didn´t do well her introduction…

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