listening Listen to a radio programme about sporting activities and exercise in modern Britain. For questions 1-6, choose the correct answer (a, b, or c). Question 0  has been completed as an example.


0. The British government recommends exercising….

a. 5 hours per week

b. 2 and a half hours per week

c. half an hour every day


1.  According to the presenter, women….

a. prefer to exercise together with other women

b. don´t like to join team sports

c. go to the gym less than men


2. Sue Tibballs says that girls ….

a. start disliking sports very early

b. like playing sports at school

c. should watch more sports in the media


3. Guerry Sutcliffe thinks that…..

a. sports are part of people´s culture

b. girls find it easier to play sports now

c. playing sports is good for everybody


4. Sue Tibballs says that …..

a. sports help you to keep fit

b. 60% of men enjoy sports competitions

c. most women don´t like the competitiveness of sports


5. Sue Tibballs thinks that women…..

a. are not well represented in the sports sector

b. don´t have time for sports

c. are sometimes discouraged to play sports


6. Sue Tibballs wants….

a. better information about health and sports

b. a new perception about sports

c. more goverment involvement in promoting sports


Key answers: 1b, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5b, 6c 


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Here you are a  link to review past simple/past continuous and past perfect simple.

And here you are another link with tests which will help you learn, review, and refresh your knowledge about Past Simple – Past Continuous – Past Perfect in English. Each test contains 10 questions. After finishing a test, you can review your answers.

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Are you keen on adventure holidays? Are you an adrenalin junkie? If you are, you will enjoy this activity. If not, take it easy. Watch the video and do the activities on the following link:



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Here you are three useful links to learn vocabulary related to holidays.





IMPORTANT: Try to do the activities on these links as I am going to ask you questions about this vocabulary in our next lesson.

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Don´t you know when to use do, go and play with sports? Go on these links and find out how to use them correctly:




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Hi guys, 

Go on the blog page «Grants for English learning» (below the name of the blog Road to English B1 and between Online dictionaries and Contact) and go on the link provided to know about an immersion programme in English for intermediate and advanced students. 


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Resultado de imagen de extreme sports





Read the following text and do the activities below the text.


I’ve been really into surfing for more than fifteen years. I started learning in England, then I began going on surfing holidays abroad with my mates – we went to Bali in Indonesia, and also South Africa.

After that I started wanting bigger challenges, so five years ago I decided to try the really big waves in Hawaii. Of course they can be dangerous and you have to concentrate one hundred percent, but it’s worth it for the thrill you get when you’re riding them. It’s a magical feeling, like flying above the ocean, and for those few seconds you totally forget everything else in your life.


Part of me had always wanted to try skydiving, but I was really scared the first time. The worst bit was just before I jumped out of the plane – I wanted to be back on the ground, not 4,000 metres up in the air. Of course, as a beginner you don’t do it on your own – you’re attached to the instructor who opens the parachute for you. Falling through the air at 180 kilometres per hour is a massive adrenaline rush. That first time was five years ago, and since then I’ve done more than twenty solo jumps.


Mountains offer a challenge I find impossible to ignore. I started climbing about twenty years ago, and I’ve now climbed three of the highest five peaks in Europe. Of course it can be dangerous, and I’ve had some scary moments, but the sense of achievement when you reach the top is amazing. When you’re pulling yourself up that wall of rock it feels like you’re in a battle against nature – it’s not a feeling you can get from anything in everyday life.


I became hooked on snowboarding the very first time I tried it. I soon realized I had a natural talent for it, and it wasn’t long before I was winning competitions and getting a bit of prize money. My dream is to be able to make my living just from boarding, so I now take three months off work every winter and concentrate on improving my technique.

I’d recommend boarding to anyone. The exhilaration of going down the mountain, plus the beauty of the scenery – it’s just fantastic.

A. Answer the questions.

  1. How long has Mike been climbing mountains?
  1. Why did James decide to go surfing in Hawaii?

3. How has Teresa already earned money from snowboarding?

  1. Who opened the parachute during Susan’s first skydive?

B. Now decide whether the following statements are true (T), false (F),  or if the text doesn’t say (D).

5. Teresa doesn’t have a job.

  1. Susan has done more than ten skydives without an instructor.
  1. Mike has climbed more than twenty mountains in Europe.
  1. Teresa gives snowboarding lessons
  1. Mike has climbed the highest mountain in Europe.
  1. James surfed in Bali before he went to Hawaii.
  1. Susan has always felt relaxed before jumping out of the plane.
  1. James doesn’t think about anything else when he’s riding big waves in Hawaii.
  1. Mike has sometimes been frightened while mountain climbing.
  1. Teresa is trying to get even better at snowboarding.
  1. Susan did about ten skydives with an instructor.

C. Now can you find the words in the text that mean the opposite of the following?

  1. tiny 17. ugliness 18. failure    19. in your own country    20. learner

D. Decide if the following sentences are grammatically correct. If not, correct them:

1. For the last five years I’ve been really into snowboarding.
2. The adrenaline rush you get from surfing is amazing.
3. Climbing a mountain gives you a fantastic sense of achieve.
4. My mates love snowboarding, but I’ve never really enjoyed it.
5. I could never go skydiving – I’d be too scary.
6. Have you ever tried surf?
7. When you’re climbing a mountain you have to concentrate one hundred percent on what you’re doing.
8. Surfing can be dangerous, but when you’re riding the wave it’s a magical feeling.
9. I know someone who has climbed the highest three peaks in Europe.
10. My dream is to be able to make my life from surf.
11. My brother is a skydiving instructor.
12. He has a natural talent for snowboarding.

 Key answers: 


1. For about twenty years.
2. Because he started wanting bigger challenges.
3. She has received prize money by winning competitions.
4. Her instructor.

B. 5. F 6. T 7. D 8. D 9. D 10. T 11. F 12. T 13. T 14. T 15. D


16. massive
17. beauty
18. achievement
19. abroad
20. instructor

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. No. Climbing a mountain gives you a fantastic sense of achievement.
4. Yes
5. No. I could never go skydiving – I’d be too scary scared.
6. No. Have you ever tried surf surfing?
7. Yes
8. Yes
9. Yes
10. No. My dream is to be able to make my life living from surf surfing.
11. Yes
12. Yes


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As you know, the topic holidays, which is an important one, is not included in your student´s book. But we can relate this topic to section 5A: Sporting Superstitions. Please, do for next week (Wednesday) the following activities: 

page 44: 1ab + questions in section 3 SPEAKING: Do you like sport? 

page 46: 6d 

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Next week, we are starting a new topic, HOLIDAYS. This topic will involve:

-reading, listening, speaking and writing about types of holidays, a nightmare holiday, ways of travelling, etc.

With respect to speaking, just to let you know that the speaking activities related to this topic in the PUC speaking exam have been the following ones:
1. Advantages and Disadvantages of different ways of travelling: hitchhiking, by bus, by bike. Which would you recommend to people travelling abroad?
2. Pros and cons of different holiday options: a tent, a hotel, a caravan
3. Pros and cons of some holiday activities: visiting museums, sunbathing on the beach, going trekking
4. Differences between travelling alone or in group. Have you ever lost when travelling? What happened?
5. A nightmare holiday or your worst holiday

As we can see, this topic is very important. It is a topic I strongly recommend you to prepare.

I have found a speaking card on the website of Estepa Language School, which can provide you with a clear idea of how to prepare this topic. Click on the picture below:




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Saint Patrick´s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17th March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. If you want to know more about it, read the following text and do the reading comprehension activity. Then, watch the video below and enjoy Saint Patrick´s Day Parade


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