B2.2 – Writing: A Story

That warm summer night, everything  seemed to be calm. It was two in the morning after having dinner with Jane´s parents  and decided to return home. The sky was starlit and they wanted to drive breathing the fresh and pure mountain air.  John was driving as slow as a tortoise and  listening to romantic music in order to enjoy the trip.
Suddenly, a bright, blinding light appeared in the sky, illuminating the closed night. A gigantic unidentified object descended from the sky as quick as a flash and stopped right in front of them. A green, alien creature no taller than 80 cm came out of it. They had never seenanything like this.
John and Jane were terrified.  Jane grabbed her husband and shrieked:
– «What is this? We are going to die!»
 The strange creature approached them slowly and yelled:
– «Calm down! I just want to study life on this planet. If you quieten down, I’ll return you without anyone ever realising that you have disappeared. Time will stand still for everyone, but you must cooperate. If you do not, I will destroy you now. You decide!»
John and Jane who were embracing and crying agreed to the demands of this mysterious being. They had to trust that it would keep its word and that it would not betray them.
They followed it towards the spaceship and… that is the only thing which they remembered until the moment they  found themselves in their car.
«It had been the most surprising thing that had ever happened to them, and probably ever would»
María José Arroyo B2.2

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