A1 – Writing: My Favourite Day


I don´t have a particular favourite day, in fact, I love any day in spring, summer or autumn, when the weather is fine and the temperature is nice and warm. However, at the weekend I feel free because I don´t have to work and I can do what I want. I have to do the shopping for the week on Saturday and I don´t like that. On Sunday, the shops are closed and that´s why I prefer it.

I usually stay in bed until 10:00 because I get up very early during the week. Then I have breakfast with my husband ad we read the daily newspaper. After that I do the housework. I usually do the things that I can´t do during the rest of the week.

I often have lunch with my parents-in-law in Granada. Sometimes we go out with our friends and we go to a restaurant. After lunch we watch a film in the cinema. Other times we walk across the countryside.

We usually have dinner and we watch some tv programmes in the evening. Finally, we go to bed. I use to read a little before I fall asleep.

Sunday is a day when I can recharge my batteries and prepare myself for the following week.

Luisa Mª Calle Maldonado (1º B)

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