My town


Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your last email. It was wonderful to hear from you! You asked me to tell you something about my home town. Tocón is a tiny town, it has less than one thousand people. This isn’t a big problem because it’s near Granada. I’ve been living in a lively Barcelona since I was 22 years old.
My hometown has enormous olive fields and it also has asparagus fields. Nowadays, this area is the largest producer of green asparagus. For these reasons, it’s a good option to visit a quiet and historic town.
My town is special because people can go for a walk, cycling or another sport in the countryside but, some people must visit the town centre where there is a square where there is an immigrant statue or antique drinking fountains of animals.
Recently, there is a change: years ago there were more people in my town than now.  I don’t like this change,  but I can’t do anything.
Anyway, write back soon. Don’t forget to tell me about your home town or another thing.
Best wishes,


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