My town


Hi Juan,
Thanks for your last email. It was great to hear from you.
You asked me to tell you something about my home town Montefrio. I have lived here since I was born. I´m going to explain you how it is. The houses are old in the city centre and inner city, but if you can walk in the outskirts you´ll see new suburbs with a lot detached and semi-detached houses. Also, there are a few block of flats and some cottages.
Nowadays, Montefrio is one of the villages with the best views in the world because four years ago the magazine National Geographic chose it. But before all that publicity, in my opinion, my town has always been more beautiful than other towns nearby. It´s very quiet and silent. I like that it´s rarely crowded, so for example I can go to buy calmly or I can park anywhere. Would you like to come to visit me soon?
I´m looking forward to hearing from you,

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