My dream holiday: LOJA


Yesterday I came back from my dream holiday in Loja. I always wanted to go to the Almazara Hotel. It´s next to the town of Riofrío. I went with my wife and my child. To get to the hotel there is a road with many potholes.
When I was driving my car to the hotel from the city of Loja, I went over one of these potholes and damaged the car’s sump, causing all the oil to spill out onto the road. We arrived at the hotel in a taxi.
We stayed in a room with a good view of the stable where there were many horses, we had a fantastic view of the mountains.
We went to the birth of the Riofrio River and we went to all the famous restaurants. We also went to see the trout and sturgeon in Riofrio village.
Every afternoon we swam in the big pool that was in the hotel. Next to the pool there was a bar and there were deck chairs around the pool where I always sunbathed. Those were the best moments of each day.
Juan Antonio Ortiz Lizana, 3 CAL


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