My dream holiday: Montefrío, I’m gonna miss you!


Yesterday, we finished our adventure traveling around the Poniente Granadino. Montefrío was our last stop, and it was only 32km away from Loja where we stayed at the Manzanil hotel. (I told you about it in my last post). While Juan was driving to Montefrío, Pablo fell asleep and I read an article from National Geographic. Did you know Montefrío has one of the best views in the world according to the publication? In fact, NatGeo is the name of one of the town’s viewpoints. It was named thus in honor of the prestigious magazine.
There, we visited the Castle and the Church of La Villa. My favourite moment was when I imagined the battles between Nazaríes and Christians with my child. The most impressive building I’ve ever visited is the Encarnación Church, which sports a fantastic circular structure.
Apart from that, we enjoyed the wonderful views from different viewpoints and we went sightseeing through its narrow streets and we took a lots of photos. Another reason why we liked it was its gastronomy. We chose to eat at the Jomay Restaurant and we tasted delicious local dishes. As you can tell, everything was great, so I hope to go back one day.
María Ascensión Moral Fernández, 3 CAL


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