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Paco: Who is Paco?

ingles01The unit deals with some grammar points you are familiar with, like the present simple and the present continuous tenses, so this unit is a revision of these tenses together with the genitive case, the adverbs of frequency (in contrast with other adverbs) and some vocabulary related to the family and home.

But although it may be difficult for you, read the texts carefully, pay attention to the examples and enjoy doing the exercises in order to learn the English language both in an effective and enjoyable way.


From Africa to Asia: New destiny: India


New destination: India

After a couple of weeks in Africa, Paco has already decided which his next destiny is: India. At this moment, he is waiting to check in at the airport and he is keeping himself entertained reading some information about this great country in a guide book he has bought for the occasion. Let’s learn with him!