Los Tajos de Alhama

The natural scenes of Alhama are one of its main attractions. In addition to its wide plains and karstic shapes, Alhama is famous for its Natural Monument Los Tajos de Alhama, which was catalogued as Natural Monument in 2011.
These are found in the area of de River Alhama between the town and its thermal spa. They are characterised by their uniqueness, landforms and important wildlife and botanical value.
The canyon was formed due to the erosion of the River Alhama through the sandstone rock of ancient marine sediments, where fossils are frequently found. The narrow pass has a length of 3 km and reaches a depth of 80 metres and it is a splendid place for walking. For example, El camino de los Ángelesis a route around Natural Monument Los Tajos de Alhama where you can find the chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles. This chapel, which possesses a special charm, dates back to 1500 and its origin is connected with the wonderful “Legend of the Leap of the Horse”, which has been passed down from one generation to another. 
María Dolores Pérez Peula, 2º de Nivel Básico Semipresencial (Inglés)

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