B2.1 – Writing: Opinion Essay

Most high level jobs are done by men. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women? 
“If women are happy, the nation will be happy too” (quote from Koran).
Everyone knows there is inequality between men and women in the world of work. So, I strongly believe that the government should encourage the access of high level jobs to women.

To begin with, women are as clever and capable as men to do and think brilliant things. In fact, the history of mankind is full of marvelous women like Marie Curie who discovered radioactivity at the end of the nineteenth century. Something which saved a large number of lives and that nowadays, we still continue using.

Moreover, if the human race wants to get ahead, this is important and it is urgent to change the old way of thinking because gender inequality is not just a problem at work, it is a problem of the entire society. This is why I think that a high level authority like governments play an important role.
In addition, if laws judge women for their acts like men, why are they considered less important or a poor copy of men?

To sum up, the government should not encourage but must have the obligation to support women and open the gateway to high level jobs.

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