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Viaje a España





Erasmus+ en Italia

Italian people are very similar to us, so it was not a very big difference in that aspect. They were very friendly and talkative, and as both languages are very similar, we had no trouble to communicate with Italians who didn’t speak English. A «problem» I had was the food, because we were all the time eating meat, pasta and cakes, but it was no important, I enjoyed it a lot! The weather was amazing, as we were on the mountains and it was snowing. In fact, the first three days we couldn’t go to the high school because of the huge amount of snow. We were isolated and we didn’t meet the teachers and the rest of our Spanish partners until the third day, but this was an advantage because we had the chance to know better the rest of the students, as we were always together hanging out and playing with the snow. The landscape was amazing, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, with all the trees covered by snow, as well as the houses, the ground, and us!


Erasmus+ Italia

Erasmus Plus in Turkey

Pedro Millán Moreno (4º A)

Turkish people are very friendly, so we didn’t have any problem. Although we had some strong changes because their culture is different from our culture. One of the changes is that you must leave the shoes and the jacket in the entrance of the house, because they have all the floor covered with rugs. Another change is the time, they have lunch at 12:30 or 13:00 and have dinner at 19:00, so they go bed at 21:00. Moreover we saw the family calling to prayer five times at day, and you can listen to the muezziy in the mosque, saying “Allah is big”.

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