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Hello, we’re María and Juan and we’re going to talk about our trip to Poland. We left Castro the 16 th of May at 2 o’clock in the morning. We arrive at Málaga’s airport and we took a plane to Krakow. We arrive there at 10 o’clock, left our bags in the hotel and we visited the beautiful city. We saw the cathedral. After all day walking we were exhausted.
Next day, on Sunday, we went to Auswitch which is a concentration camp that Nazis built during the Second World War. They killed there a lot of people, most of them where Jewish. On the entrance, there was a poster that said ‘’ Work will make you free’’ . We had a guide that show us all the complex. We could visit the Gas Chamber too. Although it’s a really impressive, I think it is a very interesting place.
That day, on the evening, we arrive in Debno, where we met our host families.

We arrived at school at 8 o ́clock. Then, we watched the presentations of all countries. The gym was decorated with flags and posters where we heard some music. After that, we went to school canteen and we had lunch at one o ́clock. Later, we had a meeting with the major. He showed us a film about Debno. At five o ́clock, parents and teachers prepared the picnic outside the school. We ate sausages, salads, cakes, etc. We stirred up the picnic and danced a lot of Spanish and polish songs on the grass. We enjoyed a lot. About half past eight we came back to our houses.

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