Hello, we’re María and Juan and we’re going to talk about our trip to Poland. We left Castro the 16 th of May at 2 o’clock in the morning. We arrive at Málaga’s airport and we took a plane to Krakow. We arrive there at 10 o’clock, left our bags in the hotel and we visited the beautiful city. We saw the cathedral. After all day walking we were exhausted.
Next day, on Sunday, we went to Auswitch which is a concentration camp that Nazis built during the Second World War. They killed there a lot of people, most of them where Jewish. On the entrance, there was a poster that said ‘’ Work will make you free’’ . We had a guide that show us all the complex. We could visit the Gas Chamber too. Although it’s a really impressive, I think it is a very interesting place.
That day, on the evening, we arrive in Debno, where we met our host families.

We arrived at school at 8 o ́clock. Then, we watched the presentations of all countries. The gym was decorated with flags and posters where we heard some music. After that, we went to school canteen and we had lunch at one o ́clock. Later, we had a meeting with the major. He showed us a film about Debno. At five o ́clock, parents and teachers prepared the picnic outside the school. We ate sausages, salads, cakes, etc. We stirred up the picnic and danced a lot of Spanish and polish songs on the grass. We enjoyed a lot. About half past eight we came back to our houses.
In the morning, all groups of teachers and students of each country worked on the text of the musical. We had lunch at school and we went to the salt mine in Bochnia, which was two hundred metres under the surface. Inside there, there was a hotel with basketball court and a huge slide where we slid onto it. We returned to Debno at seven o ́clock and we went to the pizzeria.Wednesday
We visited Kracow again, but this time with the Erasmus group. That gave us the opportunity to meet them better. We saw the Jewish quarter and the cathedral’s surroundings.Thursday
We spent all the morning playing with the school’s Xbox. Then, at 1 o’clock we had lunch and took a bus to a can factory near Debno. After that, in the evening we went to Bresko, atown where we had a walk with the Erasmus people. At night, we went to Boshenka’s house and we had a little party there.

When we arrived at school, we did a soap sculpture. This activity was very funny but at the end of the class we were a bit sad because it was the last day. After that, we visited Debno ́s Castle which was very beautiful. We had lunch and went to computers lesson and later we said goodbye to Turkish people. In the afternoon, each one went to different places: Maria and I to the paintball and karts and David, Ana and Maria Jose to the billiard hall. Finally, we returned to our houses.

We met at school at half past eight and we said goodbye to Polish people and we left Debno to Krakow. There, we said goodbye to Italian, Lithuanian and German people. We took off for Wroclaw. The rest of the day we visited the city and we went to the opera. It was amazing. We had dinner and came back to the hotel.

We spent all the morning buying gifts to our families. Then we had lunch and visited Wroclaw that is a very beautiful city. We had a round by boat in the river. It was great!That was our last day in Poland.

Polish lunch always starts with a soup and they usually eat meat with salads except Fridays. Furthermore, they use to drink sparkling water but for us, it was disgusting. There, people always sold us sparkling water and we hardly ever get buy a bottle of water without gas. Our explanation in Poland to explain the steal water was: water without glu glu glu because people didn ́t understand us.

We’ve enjoyed a lot our trip and we hope you’ve liked the presentation.
Thank you for listening.

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