Dear partner!

In this space you can know all about our school. 

Our bilingual school (CEIP Guliena) is located in a small town (Guillena) 26.5 km from Seville and 45 minutes from the Doñana National Park, a UNESCO cultural heritage. In addition, near our center we have ”La Ruta del Agua” (a Water Route).

Our school was recently created (2016) and, although it is in an old building, our staff is new, young and want to work hard. In our school there are about 300 students between 3 and 12 years old and we have 16 teachers.

During this year we bet on the digitalization of our school, providing digital boards and computers to the classrooms. Next year our school will belong to the network of schools of Learning Communities, through this, we intend to open the doors to the entire educational community. We have a very active participation of our students’ families in our school.

From our educational center we are committed to sustainable environmental proposals that favor the beauty of our environment, educating our students for its care and improvement, always in direct contact with nature. In our centre we have the ECOESCUELA programme, a Spanish programme of ecological relevance whose main objective is to create ecologically sustainable schools in total harmony with their natural surroundings.

We are new to ERASMUS projects, but we are convinced that this opportunity opens our student’s minds, creating new opportunities for learning and internalization. We have created the ERASMUS commission, it is composed and lead by the headmaster and other members of staff. She is the promoter of the program alongside the English teacher, the bilingual and ECOESCUELA coordinators and the president of our families association (AMPA). In addition the students have chosen one kid, who is in this commision too. Our intention is for ERASMUS to help implement the bilingual project in our school in a fun and useful way, involving all students, mainly in the last part of the educational stage.

In this space you can know all school’s programs:

  • School: space of peace.
  • Ecoschool.
  • Equality between women and men. I have a «Thumbelina Prize: women who leave their mark for other women to follow.» It is an award that we give to excellent women such as athletes, archaeologists, writers …
  • Growing up in health. This is a health program where we work advice on real foods and healthy eating habits.