❤️All diferent, but all are family❤️

Today’s family types are very different from families 50 years ago. The evolution of the concept and types of family has progressively varied as has society and culture, giving rise to a highly celebrated diversity.

Although it is evident that families have changed, perhaps, social acceptance has not accompanied them at the same rate. There are many studies highlighting that these families are prejudiced as none functional. However, the function of the family doesn’t have to do with its form.

🌈 In our school, we would like to give visibility to Family Diversity.
🤝We kindly ask for your collaboration in this!
📷Choose or take a picture of one or more family types and send it to @lgtb_at_school  (instagram)by DM 
🖼️The pictures will be used for an exhibition in the main entrance of the school.



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