Our institute will be delighted to welcome…

Five electricity students of our school accompanied by two teachers had the opportunity to first-hand experience a vocational school in Finland located in the city of Forssa, thanks to the European Erasmus programme. The kindness and dedication of the staff at the school contributed to making the experience truly enriching. Among others, they engaged in the following activities during their visit:

  • Practical training in basic electrical installations .
  • Construction of electronic circuits on training boards and measurement of voltage.
  • Utilization of simulation programmes for drone flights.
  • Visit to a housing project constructed by the institute’s students, later made available for public sale, allowing observation of the real-time development of various installations.
  • Visit to a company specializing in TFT screens and LED information panels, witnessing the manufacturing process from material reception to the finished and packaged product.
  • Visit to a sports center where the students participated in various sports activities.
  • Visit to a national park, taking a walking route and observing the way of life up until the early 20th century.

Our institute will be delighted to welcome the students and teachers from this Finnish school, who will return the visit next academic year.


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