Welders from Sweden

We are three welding students from Sweden who have been granted the opportunity to visit here in Malaga Spain. We have been looking forward to come here for quite a while to experience how the welding industry can differ abroad and what the city of Malaga has to offer. Our expectations have been exceeded by miles. Escaping the Swedish winter to experience the early spring in Malaga is our highlight of the year so far.

We have been shown new techniques withing welding and measuring, very different from what we are used to back home but still equally effective. Everyone we´ve met has been kind and welcoming, although we have had to make use of google translate which has worked very well. During our stay here we have also met new friends from our welding classes who we`ve spent some time with outside of school and they have also showed us the city of Malaga.

We have visited the beach and tried a few different restaurants and tasted some very delicious spanish cuisine. We also got to see the huge catholic parade on the Sunday as it went by right outside our apartment, the parade was very powerful and interesting to see.


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