Language assistant info




Contact of the reference: 

Rafael Cano Pérez. Bilingual Cordinator.


Education levels

  • Middle/High School
  • ESO (compulsory educaction) (12-16 years old) + Baccalaurate/ A-levels (16-18 years old)
  • Vocational Training: IT and Efficient Energy courses (16-18 years old)


Collaboration subjects of the Language Assistant:

The language assistant will be working with bilingual teachers in subjects like Biology, Art, PE, History, Maths and English.


Information about the town.

Lucena is a perfect town for living (around 45,000 inhabitants), it’s located in the center of Andalusia. Important and beautiful cities such as Cordoba, Seville, Granada or Malaga (these three all with airports) are less than 1:30 minutes from here. Lucena is the most important town in the area, called Subbetica, there are plenty of museums, restaurants, trendy shops, shopping centers, indoor swimming pool, etc.

You can go everywhere walking. The school is very popular here, and the buildings have been recently remodelled (with new facilities, library, gym etc) , children are well-behaved and polite, and with no disruptive problems. And we have a good working atmosphere. We also want to have an international approach and last year we received some teachers from a US High School from Kokomo (Indiana) in order to start a students exchange between our two schools. We had everything arranged but sadly we couldn’t make it because of COVID but our plans are to do it when it is possible. (You are free to contact the American teacher in charge of international studies if you have any questions. His name is John Pinson and his e-mail is

In Lucena, there are also some English speaking people (from UK and US mainly) who work in private academies living here, (and the other language assistants who work in the other local high schools) so when you’ll meet them you will feel like home. 

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There are a lot flats available to rent. Here, at school we have an information notice board where tenants leave ads of flats to rent. If you are interested, we can give you telephone numbers.

Local State Agencies 


Contact with other Language Assistants:


Link to websites, assistants’ blogs, school’s blogs, Youtube channels where former Language Assistants are shown.