Museo de ciencias EN



Good morning, visitors. We welcome you to our small museum, where we exhibit scientific and educational material from different departments of our center, the I. E. «Marqués de Comares».

As we all perceive, our world changes at a dizzying speed and the most advanced technological resources are soon obsolete: the mechanical analytical balance that has cost so much work can not be compared in simplicity of use with its current electronic version. Now, looking at the photos of both,
Which one do you think is most beautiful?

By imagining your answers, I suppose you will agree that our museum deserves to be seen for pure aesthetic pleasure. Of course it would still be better if, in addition, we could add some other incentive. Go for it.

Another feature of our society is the large amount of accessible information: on any subject we can find lots of web pages, which, in most cases, are copied to each other and are riddled with errors. Given this panorama, we offer you reliable information on the purpose, operation and history of the exhibited pieces, supported by texts extracted from books and scientific articles. In a few places you will find something like that.

We hope that all this encourages you to enter our page (in any of its versions: Spanish, English or French) and leave us your comments, which will be very useful for us to improve.

Happy visit!