2.7. Frasco lavador de gases EN

Gas washing bottle


It is used to eliminate, by washing, the impurities contained in a gas.


It consists of a cylindrical glass container, which is closed by a cap provided with two tubes: one of them, which lengthens till the bottom for the inlet of gas, and another one for the vent.


The gas mixture enters the container through the top part of the central vertical tube, whose bottom part must be under the level of the liquid used for the washing. In order that the surface of contact between gas and liquid will be maximum, the inlet of gas is regulated until a continuous stream of small bubbles is produced. These bubbles come out at the top of the container through the lateral tube.

Choosing the appropriate solution, it is also possible to humidify, dry and even separate selectively.


Its inventor was the German chemist Edmund Drechsel (1843-1897).