Information Language Assistants


– Name: IES Francisco Rodríguez Marín 
– Address: Paseo de San Arcadio s/n. 
– Telephone number: 954822717 
– Email: 
– Location link on Google Maps. 
Contact of the reference person(s) 
– Email of a member of the management team: /,es
– Email of the teacher coordinating the programme:
Education level 
– Middle/High School (students aged 11-16) 
– Bachillerato ( 16-18) 


Collaboration subjects/modules of the Language Assistant 
– History & Geography, Biology, Maths, Physics & Chemistry, Physical education, English, Philosophy ( only bach) 
Information about the town and/or neighborhood 
– Brief information about the town. 
It can be linked to a promotional tourist video. 
In addition: You can see video “ Tour in osuna “ in our blog. 
– What can the town/neighborhood offer a Language Assistant?
Leisure, reading clubs, cinema clubs, language exchange, council/district courses, sports clubs, hiking trails, nature, culture, gastronomy… It would be good to offer the local networks to the language assistant and facilitate his/her integration into them. There are lots of bars, pub, a burguer King, a small cinema, and big supermarkets and local market. 
There is an English Exchange conversation meeting every week in Plaza Mayor Bar. 
Local library in the centre of the Town. 
Lots of historical landmarks, museum, historical remains sites to visit, etc. 
Getting to school 
– Public transport schedules. Link to the website of public transport companies. 
– Possibility of car-pooling with other teachers. *Specify cost (if any).  
– Where to live in town? 
– Provide links to shared rental websites, forums or the most effective way in the town.
– Possibility of staying with a family? It would be good to give the school community the opportunity to welcome the assistant into the family in convenient conditions for both the assistant and the family. 
– Possibility of sharing a flat with teachers? Contact of teachers interested in sharing a flat.
Contact with other Language Assistants 
– It would be advisable to provide the contact of assistants who have previously been collaborating in the town/area:
link to the Facebook group, Telegram/Whatsapp group.
Facebook group: Auxiliares de conversación en España.
Previous Experiences with Language Assistants 
Link to websites, assistants’ blogs, school’s blogs Youtube channels where former Language Assistants are shown.