Auxiliares de conversación



Información en español: Ficha de Información para Auxiliares de Conversación

Información en inglés: Information Sheet for LANGUAGE Assistants2

SCHOOL DATA – Instituto de Educación Secundaria Ventura Morón

– Plaza Joaquín Ibáñez, 3/11203 Algeciras / Cádiz

– Telephone: 956663200 / 671830350

– email:

– Link to location on Google Maps:

IES Ventura Morón – Google Maps

– Web page: I.E.S. Ventura Morón (Algeciras) | Web de Centro construida en BlogsAverroes (

Contact of the reference person(s) – Programme email:

– Programme coordinator: Juan José García Benavides

Education level – Secondary Education (students between 12 and 16 years old), the only level in which bilingual teaching is given.

– Initial and Dual Vocational Training

– Basic Vocational Training

Collaboration subjects/modules of the Language Assistant Compulsory Secondary Education:

– Math

– Geography and History

– Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual Education

– Physical education

– Music

Information about the town and/or neighbourhood Turismo y Playas (

COMARCA DEL CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR | Agenda Cultural de Andalucía (

Comarca Campo de Gibraltar | Guia de Andalucia |

Getting to school The high school is located in the centre of the town, so it has easy access from anywhere. It is located a few meters from the bus and train station.

– Possibility of sharing a car with other teachers.

Urbanos de Algeciras (CTM) – autobús Horarios, autobús Rutas y actualizaciones (

Accommodation – The most common form of accommodation during the language assistants’ stay is to share a flat with other assistants from other centres. There is also the possibility of sharing with other teachers from the high school itself, once an agreement has been reached.
Contact with other Language Assistants – If you wish to communicate with other conversation assistants from past courses, write to the coordinator so that he can provide you with their contact information.