High school’s garden

(Versión en Español)

The high school was designed to have large open spaces, patios and galleries, and so there were some gardens which contributed to that feeling of openness. They weren’t an added element, but an “important part of living”, according to Fisac’s words. Some of them were lost in the enlargements, but the most interesting ones remain. These gardens, before which we should stop and stare, have special botanical interest but the scholar community is not really informed about it.

In these gardens the araucarias and the jacarandas compete in height; a spectacular pittosporum (also known as Japanese cheesewood) hides; and the carob tree, the yucca, the nettle tree or the strawberry tree bring us memories of known verses and landscapes. Among them, the olive planted by the teacher Antonio del Pozo has grown. The orange trees are everlasting. Among all of this, we have bushes, herbaceous plants and flowers from exotic origins, as well as rosemary, roses or the angel’s trumpet. For more information about them, you can visit the blog www.jardindelinstituto.blogspot.com, which was coordinated by Juan Carlos Trigo. Among the chosen pictures, the one with the flowers are his.


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