The establishment of the San Telmo High School

(Versión en Español)

It might seem surprising the fact that the city’s water supply was, for many years, under the historic Province High School’s responsibility. The reason behind this was the merging of the High School with San Telmo’s Naval School, which was responsible for San Telmo’s aqueduct, also called the Caudal de San Telmo. In 1847, the historical Province High School inherited the educational program of the naval school and, with it, the income and the responsibility of the aqueduct. This lead to many problems, some economical and others to do with the local authorities.

In our high school, we keep this beautiful and historic poster of the establishment of the San Telmo High School, created by Charles III’s Royal Decree in 1787. The text says this: “Charles III, Father of the Nation, established this Royal School of San Telmo when His Excellency the Marquis of “la Sonora” was Secretary of State and the Universal Office of the Indies.


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