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¡Teatro!: The Scrooge Brother 0

¡Teatro!: The Scrooge Brother

La profesora y jefa del Departamento de Inglés Dª. Rebeca Jiménez ha coordinado una excelente actuación teatral en lengua inglesa con los estudiantes de 2º de ESO B. ¡Disfruten de The Scrooge Brothers!


Ya están los auxiliares de conversación

Desde mañana lunes 1 de octubre ya contamos con los nuevos auxiliares lingüísticos que nos ayudarán a mejorar nuestras clases dentro del programa de bilingüismo. Son Dª. Sasha Pettigrew y D. David Zevenbergen y ambos...


… and Picasso copied

(Versión en Español) The first days of summer 1891, Pablo Ruiz Picasso was taking his admission exam at the High School of Málaga. Here is a reproduction of his written exam and the application...


High school’s garden

(Versión en Español) The high school was designed to have large open spaces, patios and galleries, and so there were some gardens which contributed to that feeling of openness. They weren’t an added element,...


The establishment of the San Telmo High School

(Versión en Español) It might seem surprising the fact that the city’s water supply was, for many years, under the historic Province High School’s responsibility. The reason behind this was the merging of the...


Telegram from a Nobel Prize Winner

(Versión en Español) On the 23th October 1959, the high school’s headmaster received a telegram from Forest Hills a neighbourhood in Queens, New York. This document is part of the high school’s history. It...


Mock-ups of the old Agronomic Museum

(Versión en Español) The 1890-1891 school year’s report of the high school mentions the existence of an agronomic museum, located on the ground floor of the calle Gaona’s building. Not only was it full...


Sacred Museum

(Versión en Español) Part of the of the furniture and library (old collection) of the old Religion Seminary and the Chapel are preserved in the Main Hall, which was the old Chapel, and in...


Minute book. 1936

(Versión en Español) Despite all the treasures we keep, “treasure” is not the word that comes to mind when we think of the year of this faculty’s minute book. It’s significant that we highlight...