Minute book. 1936

(Versión en Español)

Despite all the treasures we keep, “treasure” is not the word that comes to mind when we think of the year of this faculty’s minute book. It’s significant that we highlight this year when we have books from 1935 to the late fifties. Reading its pages is, at the same time, fascinating from a historical perspective, and dramatic and moving from a more human perspective. This year has changed, as it did throughout the country, the course of the high school’s history. This change is visible in the last minute written during the Republic, which was called “pedagogical”, and the first ones written in the years of lead during the post-war (1939–1948). There are some minutes which haven’t been signed, and whose language and contents have been changed. Tragically, there are some high school teacher’s names missing because of their commitment to their political ideas.

This document is essential for a historian of education, not so much for what the minutes say, but because of what they don’t say and what can be read between the lines. Also, it’s a very unique document through which our students can experience the history of Spain and understand our present, which, sometimes, is diminished.


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