Mock-ups of the old Agronomic Museum

(Versión en Español)

The 1890-1891 school year’s report of the high school mentions the existence of an agronomic museum, located on the ground floor of the calle Gaona’s building. Not only was it full of machines and tools for every agricultural and gardening labour, but also seeds and products from the capital and little villages of the province. It was a mandatory requirement for the studies that, in the 19th century, were called “application studies” and for the existence of a professorship in agriculture.

In 1878, the initial agronomic office turned into a museum because of the initiative of the application studies’ professor, Melión Atienza. In the following years, they grew a collection of small-scaled agricultural machinery. Nowadays, this collection is exhibited in a display case. It’s comprised of harvesters, mills, threshing machines, trolleys, wheels, presses, ploughs, etc., They complete a magnificent series of mock-ups that delight the visitors and could be the main attraction of any History of Education Museum.


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